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Process of Vietnamese Agricultural Export

14/04/02021 | BY linhnt

What Vietnam based exporters need to do to export argicultural products? How to faciliate the exporting process and maximize the profit of your company?

In this article we will help you answer those questions.

Step 1: Check whether or not your agricultural products have been accepted by the importing country?

This is a crucial step, because not all of agricultural products exportable.

You have to check both sides to make sure, otherwise you will have to pay an expensive fee for this experience.

Step 2: Export and quarantine procedures

Although your agricultural products are allowed to export into the partner’s market, the products must also meet the requirements of the importing country, for example:

-The products must be radiated

- Plant quarantine

- Must be havested from designated growing areas

- Must check product quality, content of pesticides

- Packing to ensure the standard, no damaged goods

- In addition, for some fresh products and cold storage on the way of transportation, you must know:

  • Timeline of harvesting
  • Timeline of packaging
  • Timeline through customs clearance, plant quarantine, fumigation
  • Timeline for transportation

All processes must meet together to ensure the best quality of goods.


- Damaged products may be returned to the exporters, this will cause extremely high costs and inconvenience. To avoid the risk, let’s hire a logistics company do it for you.

-Avoid charge for using of electricity for refrigerated containers when collecting your products.

Step 3: Required documents for exporting

- Bill

- Invoice

- Packing list

- Certificate of quality/quantity

- Phytosanitary

- Fumigation

- Certifiacate of origin